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Friday Thoughts October 19, 2007

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In my job, we work every other Friday/Saturday.  Today is my Friday off.  I really enjoy the luxury of a day alone sometimes.  I love Mr. Wonderful to the ends of the earth and we have such fun together, but there’s something so freeing about a day alone.  I will meet a friend (and her young son) for lunch today.  She’s one of those fertile folks, who conceives almost by mere thought.  It used to make me jealous, but I’ve somehow gotten over it. 

So this morning, I’ll sip my coffee slowly, write in my blog and do a bit of research about how to winter over my geraniums.  Tonight, my sister and I will get together for dinner and shopping.  To my mind a pretty fabulous day.


Beginnings October 16, 2007

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I’ve begun this blog, as many do, as a place to gather my scattered thoughts.  It serves no other purpose, so I’ll jump right in…  Yesterday I had my first appointment with a new (to me) OB/Gyn specialist.  I chose him specifically because his specialty with OB/Gyn is fertility and I need some help.  My husband and I have been trying to conceive since our wedding 3.5 years ago, to no avail.  I will qualify that with the fact that I’ve had some health issues which have affected libido and possibly fertility during that time, so thetrying hasn’t been steady and/or fast and furious, if you will.  Nonetheless, as I close in on 40 – I’ll be 39 in December – we decided it was time to get some help.  He did some tests and asked a lot of questions, presented me with a number of options and made a recommendation.  Hubby and I discussed our options and we’ve decided to go forward with option 1.  Option 1 involves his getting a semen analysis and me taking Clomid.  The Clomid will ensure ovulation and good egg production (we hope). 

I KNOW I’m meant to be a mama and I have high hopes for this course of action.  Through this long time of trying and thinking I have found out a few things about myself.  One is that I need to be a parent, another is that I don’t have to actually give birth to the child.  My husband, however, is hesitant at this point about adoption, so we’ll go ahead with this course for a bit and then move on, if the time comes.  We have two nieces and a third on the way and my heart and arms literally ache each time I hold them.


Hello world! October 15, 2007

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