Scribblings of a nearly 40 year old singer librarian

Friday Thoughts October 19, 2007

Filed under: Family,Fertility,Gardening,Mr. Wonderful — bloominglate @ 1:28 pm
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In my job, we work every other Friday/Saturday.  Today is my Friday off.  I really enjoy the luxury of a day alone sometimes.  I love Mr. Wonderful to the ends of the earth and we have such fun together, but there’s something so freeing about a day alone.  I will meet a friend (and her young son) for lunch today.  She’s one of those fertile folks, who conceives almost by mere thought.  It used to make me jealous, but I’ve somehow gotten over it. 

So this morning, I’ll sip my coffee slowly, write in my blog and do a bit of research about how to winter over my geraniums.  Tonight, my sister and I will get together for dinner and shopping.  To my mind a pretty fabulous day.


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