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Beginnings October 16, 2007

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I’ve begun this blog, as many do, as a place to gather my scattered thoughts.  It serves no other purpose, so I’ll jump right in…  Yesterday I had my first appointment with a new (to me) OB/Gyn specialist.  I chose him specifically because his specialty with OB/Gyn is fertility and I need some help.  My husband and I have been trying to conceive since our wedding 3.5 years ago, to no avail.  I will qualify that with the fact that I’ve had some health issues which have affected libido and possibly fertility during that time, so thetrying hasn’t been steady and/or fast and furious, if you will.  Nonetheless, as I close in on 40 – I’ll be 39 in December – we decided it was time to get some help.  He did some tests and asked a lot of questions, presented me with a number of options and made a recommendation.  Hubby and I discussed our options and we’ve decided to go forward with option 1.  Option 1 involves his getting a semen analysis and me taking Clomid.  The Clomid will ensure ovulation and good egg production (we hope). 

I KNOW I’m meant to be a mama and I have high hopes for this course of action.  Through this long time of trying and thinking I have found out a few things about myself.  One is that I need to be a parent, another is that I don’t have to actually give birth to the child.  My husband, however, is hesitant at this point about adoption, so we’ll go ahead with this course for a bit and then move on, if the time comes.  We have two nieces and a third on the way and my heart and arms literally ache each time I hold them.